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Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review the following information before agreeing to these terms and conditions. It is important to print and securely store these terms and conditions, along with all transaction data, rules and regulations, and payment methods pertaining to your usage of this website.

Introduction to the general terms and conditions

The Company operates a reputable online sports betting and gaming website known as 12BET. It is an entertainment company engaged in remote gambling activities and operates in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the Philippines governing remote betting and gaming operations. As the operator of this website (www.12BET.com), the Company offers a comprehensive range of online sports betting and gaming services to its customers.

Basic terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions set forth herein govern the utilization of this Website. It is hereby established that all customer activities carried out on the Website are subject to and governed by these terms and conditions.

Terms of Bet Acceptance

A bet is only deemed placed when it is made online by the Customer via the Website, deemed to be placed from the jurisdiction of the Internet Protocol Address recorded by the Company from where the Customer is accessing the Website and is deemed accepted only when it has been accepted by the Company’s gaminag server in the jurisdiction where the Company’s gaming server is located and such bet has been recorded as being accepted by the Company’s gaming server in the jurisdiction where the Company’s gaming server is located. The Company will notify the Customer through the Website when such bet has been accepted and recorded by the Company in accordance with the above. A bet is deemed completed when accepted and recorded in the jurisdiction where the Company’s gaming server is located and the Customer has been notified of said acceptance and recordal all in accordance to these terms and conditions. When a Customer successfully places a bet on the Website, they will receive an electronic acknowledgement (notice), which is confirmation of acceptance and record of the bet by the Company. A bet will be deemed void if it is not transmitted in full, including but not limited to instances where the bet transmission has been disrupted or interrupted due to technical problems. Customers are not allowed to cancel or change their bets once these bets have been placed, accepted and recorded by the Company and the Company is under no obligation to cancel bets that have been validly placed, accepted and recorded in accordance with these terms and conditions. If the Customer cancels a bet before confirmation, the Customer is advised to check the bet list (available in the user menu bar of the Website) to make sure that the bet has not been placed. If there is any dispute relating to the placement of a bet, the Customer should notify the Company before the finalization of the acceptance of such bets and/or before the event on which the bet has been placed occurs. The Company shall investigate such disputes accordingly and resolved them reasonably and in its sole reasonable discretion. All electronic transactions will be recorded by the Company in the interests of Customers and the Company. When a dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by the Company’s management, the relevant recording(s) will be used as evidence in such a dispute. The Customer and the Company agree that such recordings will be the ultimate authority in resolving such disputes that are true and accurate and resolve the dispute as a last recourse. The Company reserves the right to suspend or prohibit further betting on a market at anytime without prior notice to the Customer at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion whereupon when a market is suspended or access to it prohibited, any attempted bets entered by the Customer will be rejected. The Company reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion without explanation given to the Customer to refuse any bet or part of any bet without explanation and/or suspend or close an account at anytime for any reason, without explanation and at its sole and absolute discretion if it has reasonable belief that continued use of the account would create damage or loss of any kind to the Customer or to the Company; or during the investigation of a breach of the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, or privacy policy; if the Company has confirmed a breach of these terms and conditions; or, if there has been a complaint filed by the Customer.

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