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Gamex247 Bangladesh – betting exchange & online casino site

Gamex247 Bangladesh

Gamex247 Bet is a new betting exchange and sports betting website in Bangladesh – it allows bettors to play online anytime with many bonuses and a convenient way to deposit and withdraw Bangladesh money.

 Gamex247 betting general information

Sports betting site Gamex247 Betting Bangladesh 
Permit Authorized and regulated by the Government of Curaçao
Mobile app Android and iOS
base year 2018
Alternative links yes
Bangladeshi player yes
Bangladesh currency yes
service Betting exchanges and online casinos
Customer service Live Chat, Email, Agent
Sports betting bonus 200 rupees unlimited referral bonus
Payment method Development, Rocket, Cash  
Minimum deposit 200 rupees

Gamex247 Betting Review

Gamex247 compared to other betting websites in Bangladesh will be fully analyzed in this betting review. The site offers many sports including tennis and horse racing. It is very user friendly and innovative.

Official Domain offers a free mobile application. It has high-quality graphics, user interface and simple design. Gambling is strictly for adults and children are not allowed.

About Gamex247 betting site in Bangladesh

Gamex247 betting site is located in Khulna, Bangladesh. It is excellent betting site with unique features and benefits for locals focusing on Bangladeshi players. You can win big money in slot machines by hitting the jackpot. Maximbet Casino is launching soon. Watch out.

Gamex247 Android App

Gamesx247 offers the ultimate sports betting experience. It has all your favorite sports and events including NBA, NHL and more These members get one-of-a-kind apps at the most exciting parties or events and experiences beyond betting!

Gamex247 betting and casino premium website

This bookmaker is a premium betting and casino website. Where there are different types of online casino games. You can also play table and slot games online, but you can always find your way to betting exchange platforms

There is also a live casino that offers tin potty and indoor pool tables. It is an excellent medium for Bangladeshi online casinos.

You can also find virtual games at Gamex247 betting.

Gamex247 Bet offers more than sports betting.

Visit the Gamex247 betting casino website for an exciting gambling live casino experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the betting and casino Gamex247 website, as it will provide you with a completely thrilling, gambling and betting experience among other betting websites in Bangladesh. The casino’s success can be attributed to partnerships with software industry leaders. There are many casino games to choose from, some with gorgeous graphics and 3D animations. You can also win free spins and remember all RNG games guarantee safe results. Using a number generator. It is almost impossible to change the results.

Gamex247 betting service

Gamex247 offers high quality betting services to its players. For example a service for placing, making, receiving or accepting bets and may also include game bet exchange services. 

We offer bookmakers management services ranging from complete gambling business solutions to real content such as data, odds, statistics and video stream marketing.

Betting Exchange Services

Betting exchange services are a concept that eliminates the need to have a bookmaker This increases the chances of winning where customers create their own markets and odds. The user is focused on exchanging a bet.

This is where players can create their own bets and act like bookmakers.

bet on the game 

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in Bangladesh. This is why the bookmaker has one of the most popular pre-match lines. Bangladeshi players can bet on their favorite sports of cricket, football, basketball and kabaddi.

There are also many other sports, such as table tennis, cricket and horse racing. No matter how popular the event is available in sports betting apps.

Gamex247 betting lines will vary depending on the popularity and importance of the match. Forecasting is a broad field that allows you to make right choices and place your best bets. Minimum odds are 1/5.

Cricket betting options

You can choose different cricket betting methods these days. Thus you will need some time and experience to find within your measurements. Match bets, complete matches, tied matches, innings runs and top bowler are the most common.

Other popular cricket bets include:

    • Top batsman

    • Bowler match bet

    • Batsman match betting

    • Outright winner of the tournament

    • Series winner

    • up down

    • Series score

    • Dismissal procedure

    • win the toss

    • Toss combinations

    • Odd/even runs

    • Most run outs

    • Man of the Match/Player of the Season

Gamex247 bets on IPL, BPL and all popular cricket events 

Gamex247 supports cricket betting, IPL, BPL and of course all the popular cricket events are given a lot of attention so that Bangladeshi players can bet online.

It is a popular game among locals, especially for betting. Leagues like Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Big Bash League CPL, PSL and many more are on Gamex247.

Gamex247 sports betting market and additional information

Sports betting at Gamex247 is undoubtedly one of the best in Bangladesh. which provides additional information to its customers. While there are many different markets where anyone can bet, for example who will win the bet or the handicap (plus or minus), Gamex247 has more advanced betting methods with settings such as exact score bets or even specific scorers.

Select Gamex247 betting method

Gamex247 has more betting methods to choose from. Customers usually choose between accumulators and single bets. For example a single bet may be most advantageous for punters if they are betting on the winning team in cricket. An accumulator is a form of betting that includes multiple predictions on the same slip.

Find sports betting sites like single bet, multiple bet or combo.

Gamex247 Betting Mobile App

As a top betting website in Bangladesh, Gamex247 offers a mobile app for betting customers. Useful for those who like to bet. It is useful to download for both iPhone and Android phones for best experience Gamex247 betting can give you excitement on other popular sports.

Gamex247 Android App


Downloading the Gamex247 Android application is easy and takes only a few minutes. Both operating systems work whether you have an iOS or Android device. Once you have loaded the Gamex247 Betting App you can immediately start betting on your way to success.

Like the main domain, Gamex247 mobile is a great app for users to use and bet and win.

It uses very little memory and loads very fast.

It looks simple in design but packs a powerful punch. Everything works fine. However, many reputable companies have apps that comply with gambling laws and use Bengali to help customers learn about online gambling.

All companies like gamex247 app offer apps that help players know everything about betting.

Gamex247 Betting Check your location and select the right agent to deposit

For Gamex247 betting we recommend you first check your location in Bangladesh and then select the right agent for your initial deposit. For this you need to find an online agent. Search on Facebook to open an account agent list. Agents will be found in the list of Facebook. Remember, their ID will be displayed when you click on their Facebook link or open your Facebook ID with the Facebook app.

All these agents may have fake or fake IDs in their names. So instead of searching for agents on Facebook, find the link and contact them.

Gamex247 betting method

Gamex247 betting method

The company operates the most famous deposit system and best betting website in Bangladesh. Gamex247 Betting offers withdrawals and deposits using high-quality, well-respected payment methods such as Payment Min Deposit.

These payment methods are well known to Bangladeshi players for many years. Some online bookmakers have maximum deposit amounts.

Gamex247 betting method

Gamex247 on the other hand uses withdrawal methods that are preferred by local people in Bangladesh for their online transactions. The platform accepts many popular payment systems. So your favorites are already included. Some of the methods they offer are:

    • Bikash

    • Rocket Payment Method

    • cash

    • Crypto currency 

Sign in using your personal data and information to withdraw funds.

How to open user account on Gamex247 website?

You must know how to open a user account on Gamex247 betting website. That’s why you need to use an agent. Deposit and withdrawal through agent. Always deal with and share your information with the agent you open the account with. It is essential that you read the following information to properly understand which agent to pay and how to deal with him.

Get what you need and start betting with one of the best websites

Gamex247 info

Gamex247 is an online bookmaker that accepts Bangladeshi players and offers a variety of betting options (both casino and sports). The official page is optimized for speed and has a pleasant visual design that makes it easy to navigate without feeling awkward.

The bookie adheres to fair play principles and all money, data is stored on SSL-encrypted servers

Gamex247 Agent Page on Facebook Group (Facebook Page)

The Gamex247 betting Facebook group has an agent page with updated information and contact details. Additionally, you will be able to find daily events and updates related to Gamex247. So don’t miss the chance to check it out!

Gamex247 Super Agent 

Super Agent can open User Account and Master Agent Account. If you have a complaint against a super agent, you can report it directly to the admin. Admin is listed in the top menu.

Online Master Agent List: Online Master Agent can only open user accounts. Complaints against any Master Agent should be reported directly to the Super Agent. The name of the super agent is written next to the name of the master agent. See gamex247.bet agent list.

Gamex247 Online Master Agent

Online Master Agents can only open user accounts. Complaints in the name of a Master Agent should be made directly to the Super Agent. The name of the super agent is written next to the name of the master agent.

Gamex247 local betting agent

Local master agents can only open user accounts. But each user must deal with them at his own risk. No complaint can be made on their behalf.

Local Master Agents: These agents usually deal in their area or with acquaintances. Those who used to take bets earlier have been given local agents. Local agents do not come online and prefer to remain anonymous. Do not transact online with local agents.

Is Gamex247 betting safe?

Gamex247 is a very secure online betting website in Bangladesh. Since Security Socket Layer (SSL), digital encryption technology, is crucial when playing online casinos that offer real money, Gamex247 is among the top websites in Bangladesh in this regard.

Why? It secures all transactions, withdrawals or deposits. Additionally, it ensures that the financial and personal information entered cannot be used by any third party and cannot be stolen.

Gamex247 has an SSL license and this is how we can answer your questions:

Yes, the website is completely safe and legal.

Gamex247 vs other websites in Bangladesh.

Gamex247 betting clearly wins the battle with other websites when comparing the best betting websites in Bangladesh

Simply win the bet

Sharp differences in the market

-24/7 support and help

– Easy payment

– In-game betting

Gamex247 Bet Customer Support

Gamex247 Bet prides itself on its customer support services. Which are available to all players in Bangladesh anytime any day 24/7. Suppose you face problems with first deposit placing, live dealer games etc In that case you can contact the customer support service through email or live chat. Can provide appropriate services This option is available for both regular players and newbies. You can consult member guide to know about license copyright and get free games. Learn more about online agent information delivery partners and online agents. Telegram and Facebook are great social networking sites to learn about online gambling.

Things to improve

Gamex247 is constantly getting better and there is always something to improve and the same applies to this excellent bookmaker. Company can improve on mobile and provide a good application. They can show personalized ads depending on your settings, ads based on location and past activity Some things to consider are measuring more options, including aggregate content data and settings for audience engagement statistics to continue.


To conclude the Gamex247 betting review let’s remember a few things about it. Online betting in Bangladesh is undoubtedly a challenging market. Gamex247 Bangladesh is a rising star in the global gambling industry and this site is growing rapidly. It is easy to use. Excellent support, great gambling and amazing bonuses. Easy registration and all popular local payments for Bangladeshi gamers.

Start betting and win by registering now.